Yeasts for Homebrewing

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Name Laboratory Product ID Type Alcohol Tolerance Flocculation
California Lager Wyeast 2112 Liquid Medium High
California V Ale Yeast White Labs WLP051 Liquid Medium-High Medium-High
Cider Mangrove Jack's M02 Dry
Cream Ale Yeast Blend White Labs WLP080 Liquid Medium-High Medium
Cry Havoc White Labs WLP862 Liquid Low
Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast White Labs WLP802 Liquid Medium Medium
Czech Pils Wyeast 2279 Liquid Medium Medium-High
Danish Lager Wyeast 2042 Liquid Medium Low
Denny's Favorite 50 Wyeast 1450 Liquid Medium Low
Dry Belgian Ale The Yeast Bay Liquid Medium Medium-Low
Dry English Ale Yeast White Labs WLP007 Liquid Medium-High Medium-High
Dusseldorf Alt Yeast White Labs WLP036 Liquid Medium Medium
East Coast Ale Yeast White Labs WLP008 Liquid Medium-High Medium-High
East Midlands Ale Yeast White Labs WLP039 Liquid Medium Medium-High
Edinburgh Scottish Ale Yeast White Labs WLP028 Liquid Medium-High Medium
English Ale Yeast White Labs WLP002 Liquid Medium Very High
European Ale Wyeast 1338 Liquid Medium High
European Ale Yeast White Labs WLP011 Liquid Medium Medium
Farmhouse Sour Ale The Yeast Bay Liquid Medium-High Medium-Low
Forbidden Fruit Wyeast 3463 Liquid High Low
French Ale White Labs WLP072 Liquid Medium Medium-High
French Saison Wyeast 3711 Liquid High Low
Funktown Pale Ale The Yeast Bay Liquid Medium Medium-Low
German Ale Wyeast 1007 Liquid High Low
German Ale II White Labs WLP003 Liquid Medium Medium
German Ale/Kölsch Yeast White Labs WLP029 Liquid Medium Medium
German Bock Lager Yeast White Labs WLP833 Liquid Medium-High Medium
German Lager Yeast White Labs WLP830 Liquid Medium Medium
German Wheat Wyeast 3333 Liquid Medium High
Hefeweizen Ale Yeast White Labs WLP300 Liquid Medium Low