Yeasts for Homebrewing

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Name Laboratory Product ID Type Alcohol Tolerance Flocculation
Abbaye Fermentis Dry High High
Abbey Ale Yeast White Labs WLP530 Liquid High Medium-High
Abbey IV Ale Yeast White Labs WLP540 Liquid High Medium
Amalgamation - Brett Super Blend The Yeast Bay Liquid Medium-High Medium-Low
American Ale Wyeast 1056 Liquid High Medium-Low
American Ale II Wyeast 1272 Liquid Medium Medium-High
American Ale Yeast Blend White Labs WLP060 Liquid Medium-High Medium
American Hefeweizen Ale Yeast White Labs WLP320 Liquid Medium Low
American Lager Yeast White Labs WLP840 Liquid Medium Medium
American Lager Yeast Wyeast 2035 Liquid Medium Medium
American Wheat Wyeast 1010 Liquid Medium Low
Antwerp Ale Yeast White Labs WLP515 Liquid Medium Medium
Australian Ale Yeast White Labs WLP009 Liquid Medium High
Bavarian Lager Wyeast 2206 Liquid Medium Medium-High
Bavarian Weizen White Labs WLP351 Liquid Medium Low
Bavarian Wheat Wyeast 3638 Liquid Medium Low
Bavarian Wheat Mangrove Jack's M20 Dry
Bavarian Wheat Blend Wyeast 3056 Liquid Medium Medium
Bedford British White Labs WLP006 Liquid Medium High
Beersel Brettanomyces Blend The Yeast Bay Liquid Medium Medium-Low
Belgian Abbey Wyeast 1214 Liquid High Medium-Low
Belgian Abbey II Wyeast 1762 Liquid High Medium
Belgian Ale Mangrove Jack's M27 Dry
Belgian Ale Yeast White Labs WLP550 Liquid Medium-High Medium
Belgian Ardennes Wyeast 3522 Liquid High High
Belgian Bastogne Ale Yeast White Labs WLP510 Liquid High Medium
Belgian Golden Ale Yeast White Labs WLP570 Liquid High Low
Belgian Lambic Blend Wyeast 3278 Liquid High Variable
Belgian Saison II Yeast White Labs WLP566 Liquid Medium Medium
Belgian Saison I Yeast White Labs WLP565 Liquid Medium Medium