Biochem Brewer

an Intermediate brewer from Hillsdale, Michigan, US

Newest Recipes View All

Name Style Type OG FG IBU ABV
Robusted Porter II Robust Porter All Grain 1.064 1.015 32 6.4%
Bitter Luck Special/Best/Premium Bitter Partial Mash 1.048 1.011 36 4.8%
Special Bitter - AG Special/Best/Premium Bitter All Grain 1.046 1.012 37 4.4%
Test IPA American IPA All Grain 1.063 1.012 54 6.6%
CitrAm IPA American IPA All Grain 1.069 1.018 56 6.7%
Abby Solution #9 Belgian Dark Strong Ale All Grain 1.085 1.021 24 8.3%
Bitter Luck (All Grain) Special/Best/Premium Bitter All Grain 1.044 1.012 37 4.2%
Robusted Porter III Robust Porter All Grain 1.064 1.015 38 6.4%
Old Warrior Ale 2013 Old Ale All Grain 1.081 1.021 53 7.8%
Hopped Up! Imperial IPA All Grain 1.087 1.023 90 8.3%

Recent Brew Logs View All

Brew day Recipe Type Style
Apr 11 Test IPA All Grain American IPA
Apr 02 German Hefeweizen All Grain Weizen/Weissbier
Feb 15 Abby Solution #9 All Grain Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Jan 17 Light Abbey Ale All Grain Belgian Specialty Ale
Nov 16 Robusted Porter III All Grain Robust Porter
Nov 09 Old Warrior Ale 2013 All Grain Old Ale
Oct 16 CitrAm IPA All Grain American IPA
Aug 31 Special Bitter - AG All Grain Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Aug 29 Partial Mash Cream Ale Partial Mash Cream Ale
Jun 14 Hopsdale Pale Ale All Grain American IPA




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Setup and manage email reminders related to your Brew Logs. Control your timeline and schedule your brewing process by setting reminders for:

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  • Packaging
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Support for Rager and Tinseth with more formulas coming soon.

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