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Name Style Type OG FG IBU ABV
Irish Red v2 Irish Red Ale All Grain 1.045 1.012 22 4.3%
Irish Red Irish Red Ale All Grain 1.056 1.015 20 5.4%
Black Mild Southern English Brown All Grain 1.038 1.011 19 3.5%
Summer Wedding Ale Blonde Ale All Grain 1.041 1.010 23 4.0%
BFB American Pale Ale All Grain 1.049 1.012 32 4.8%
How Now Brown Ale Northern English Brown Ale All Grain 1.049 1.012 26 4.8%
Thirsty Lady (from Beef!) Blonde Ale All Grain 1.048 1.010 20 5.0%
Noble Bitter Standard/Ordinary Bitter All Grain 1.035 1.009 26 3.4%
Give It Some Welly! Clone Irish Red Ale All Grain 1.045 1.012 25 4.3%
Hallertauer Urweisse Weizen/Weissbier All Grain 1.049 1.012 13 4.8%

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Brew date Recipe Type Style
March 08, 2015 How Now Brown Ale All Grain Northern English Brown Ale
February 28, 2015 Pasty As Pale Ale All Grain American Pale Ale
January 17, 2015 Czech Mate All Grain Bohemian Pilsener
January 10, 2015 Belgian Tripel All Grain Belgian Tripel
November 08, 2014 I'd like a Porter All Grain Brown Porter
October 25, 2014 Helles No All Grain Munich Helles
October 03, 2014 Thirsty Lady (from Beef!) All Grain Blonde Ale
September 27, 2014 Nutty Brown Ale All Grain Northern English Brown Ale
August 30, 2014 Noble Bitter All Grain Standard/Ordinary Bitter
July 05, 2014 Drak Saison All Grain Saison


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