Irish Red Ale homebrew recipes.

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  • Type Ale
  • OG 1.044 – 1.060
  • FG 1.010 – 1.014
  • IBU 17.0 – 28.0
  • Color 9 °L – 18 °L
  • ABV 4.0% – 6.0%

Recent Recipes View all Irish Red Ale recipes

Recipe name Style Type Color OG IBU ABV
Justin's Radical Red Irish Red Ale Partial Mash 17 °L 1.068 48 6.3%
Tennessee Red Irish Red Ale Partial Mash 11 °L 1.065 23 6.2%
Ruabeoir Irish Red Ale (Brewing Classic Styles, Palmer/Zainasheff) Irish Red Ale All Grain 18 °L 1.068 26 6.4%
Irish Red Irish Red Ale All Grain 9 °L 1.053 27 5.1%
Kiro Red Ale Irish Red Ale All Grain 14 °L 1.055 21 5.5%
Willy's Irish Red II Irish Red Ale Partial Mash 16 °L 1.054 44 5.1%
West Midland's Rye Irish Red Ale Partial Mash 17 °L 1.061 21 6.3%
Amber Ale v. III Irish Red Ale Partial Mash 12 °L 1.060 20 5.8%

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