Craft Meister Cleaners and Sanitizers

Your beer and your brewing reputation are on the line, are you using the right brewing cleaners and sanitizers?

You can choose the choicest hops, the most exotic yeasts and invest in all the state-of-the-art equipment you can find. Without the right chemicals and the right cleaning techniques, micro-organisms will find a way to wreck your batch.

That's where Craft Meister comes in. We produce high quality brewing equipment cleaners and sanitizers for home brewers and professionals. Developed by the experts at National Chemicals, Inc., our brewing supplies help ensure that your batches come out right every time.

Our revolutionary Keg & Carboy Cleaning Tablets are the ultimate in convenience and take the guess work out of properly measuring your cleaner. Created by popular demand following the National Homebrewer’s Conference in 2014, these handy Tablets are the industry’s first pre-measured cleaning product. Simply fill your keg or carboy with hot water, add Tablets and let them do the dirty work for you.

Craft Meister Oxygen Brewery Wash dissolves rapidly, cleans in hard or soft water, and rinses away with no chalky residue or film left behind on your gear. Save time and effort with a cleaner that gets to work faster and doesn’t leave behind a trace of white hazy build up on your equipment. With more active cleaning oxygen than any competing product in the market and a non-caustic alkaline punch, Oxygen Brewery Wash blows away dirt and the competition in the process.

Craft Meister Alkaline Brewery Wash gets the results of professional caustic without burning your skin or hands. Dissolving quickly in both hot and cold water, Alkaline Brewery Wash works quickly to break down heavy soils and removes even the most stubborn bottle labels. Great for an overnight soak, but not suggested for use on aluminum.

Growler Cleaning Tablets are the easiest and most effective way to keep all of your glass, stainless and plastic growlers clean and beer ready. Make sure you never bring your growler filling station a dirty growler, use these handy tablets to have a shiny, spotless growler every time. Just fill the growler with warm water, add a Tablet, soak for 10-15 minutes, then dump and rinse. The Tablets rinse away easily with no fragrances, dyes or residues left behind.

BTF Iodophor Sanitizer is recognized as the industry leader in Iodine sanitizers with a reputation of quality earned since 1970. Our low-foaming, no rinse formula is superior to other brands of Iodophor for brewing and is safe to use on all your brewing equipment: buckets, kegs, tanks, vats, bottles and more.