A.A. Meeting

an All Grain, American Amber Ale by Shut Up And Drink! Brewery No Reviews


Somehow missing 3 pieces on my manifold, had to use rubberbands and aluminum foil to repair it.

Mashed at 154

Preboil Grav: 48

Postboil Grav: 49

Postboil Volume: 5.75

Fermented at 63 and after 3 days primary ferm was complete but had a slight sour smell and slight sour taste on the backend. Hoping this clears up. No way it was an infection after only 3 days.

Sourness is gone but the batch is infected. It tastes fine so I kegged it and will just drink quickly.

OG: 49 FG: 13 ABV: 4.8%

Brewed Aug 10, 2012

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Fermentables Efficiency: 75.0 % Batch size: 5.8 gal

Fermentable Amount Use PPG Color
Rahr American 2-Row
8.0 lb 76 % Mash 38 1  °L
1.0 lb 9 % Mash 35 45  °L
Briess Munich Malt 10L
1.0 lb 9 % Mash 35 10  °L
Briess 2-Row Caramel Malt 40L
0.5 lb 4 % Mash 34 40  °L

Hops Boil time: 60 min

Hop Amount Time Use Form AA
Magnum (US) 0.75   oz 60  min Boil Pellet 13.0%
Cascade (US) 0.5   oz 5  min Boil Pellet 5.8%
Simcoe (US) 0.5   oz 7  days Dry Hop Pellet 13.0%
Cascade (US) 0.5   oz 7  days Dry Hop Pellet 5.8%


Name Lab/Product Average Attenuation
Safale S-04 Fermentis S-04 70.0%


7 days
7 days
10 days
Grain to Glass
24 days

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