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Brewtoad is to Homebrew what Peanut Butter is to Jelly.

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The Toad is Born

Brewtoad.com launches with aspirations to become the best beer brewing software for creating, sharing, and discovering homebrew recipes.

Attended AHA Conference

Brewtoad attends its first AHA Conference - Brewing with Bigfoot in Seattle.

MinneDemo Presentation

Brewtoad featured at MinneDemo

Acquired Hopville

Brewtoad acquired Hopville helping grow our collection of recipes and homebrewers

Attended AHA Conference

Brewtoad becomes the official internet sponsor of the 2013 AHA Conference in Philadelphia

Minnesota Business Magazine

Brewtoad is featured in the Minnesota Business Magazine as a web application that connects the homebrew community.
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Minnesota Home Brewers Association

Brewtoad attended the Minnesota Home Brewers Association’s brewing event. We shared t-shirts, glasses, and sampled a variety of homebrews from attendees. We were happy to learn that many of these recipes live on Brewtoad.com!

Launched Brewtoad 3.0 with Navigation Redesign

Brewtoad 3.0 Launched with group support, a site redesign, and a new navigation.

Brewtoad PRO

Brewtoad Pro Launches with support for private recipes, multiple equipment profiles, brewlog reminders and more.
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What is Brewtoad?

Simply put, Brewtoad is a place to create, share, and discover homebrew recipes. Brewtoad aims to make the recipe creation and brewing process easier and more enjoyable.

From Homebrewing to Brewtoad

It all started on a hot summer night in 2012 in Minneapolis' beloved Warehouse District, aka the North Loop. Inspired by the craft of making fine beer, Brewtoad was born from a concept by avid brewers at a passionate software company, Ackmann & Dickenson.

As a software company, we pride ourselves on being craftsmen of fine technology, so it’s only natural that we should take our beer that seriously too! After all, what goes together better than beer and technology?

The Brewtoad Team