Southern Tier Pumking Clone

an All Grain Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer by Evan McGee


Amount Fermentable Maltster Use PPG Color
15.0 lb
2-Row Brewers Malt
Briess 69 % Mash 37 1 °L
5.0 lb
Pumpkin, cooked
Any 23 % Mash 1 13 °L
1.5 lb
2-Row Caramel Malt 60L
Briess 6 % Mash 34 60 °L


Amount Hop Time Use Form AA
0.5 oz Magnum (DE) 60 min Boil Leaf 14.0%
1.0 oz Sterling (US) 15 min Boil Leaf 6.0%


Name Lab/Product Attenuation
British Ale Yeast White Labs WLP005 70.5%


Amount Name Time Use
2.0 oz Vanilla Extract 0.0 days Bottle Bottle
0.06 oz Sinamar 3.0 min Boil Boil
0.06 oz Whole Cloves 3.0 min Boil Boil
0.06 oz Cinnamon (Ground) 3.0 min Boil Boil
0.02 oz Allspice 3.0 min Boil Boil
0.06 oz Nutmeg (Ground) 3.0 min Boil Boil


This is a clone recipe of that most delicious of pumpkin beers, Southern Tier's Pumking Ale.

Based on the ingredients listed on the bottle: 2-row, caramel malt, pureed pumpkin and spices. Amounts of each ingredient were found in forums or invented.

Adding a tsp or so of Capella Graham Cracker Extract is an option as well. It wasn't necessary, some folks find it overspiced, but FYI.


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