Orange Ya Glad I Made a Pale Ale

a Partial Mash American Pale Ale by Nicholas Ledoux


Amount Fermentable Maltster Use PPG Color
6.31 lb
Golden Light LME
Briess 75 % Boil 37 4 °L
0.75 lb
German Wheat
Any 9 % Steep 39 2 °L
0.75 lb
Orange Blossom Honey
Any 9 % Boil 38 3 °L
0.5 lb
Crystal 15L
Any 6 % Steep 34 15 °L


Amount Hop Time Use Form AA
0.6 oz Amarillo (US) 60 min Boil Pellet 10.3%
1.0 oz Saaz (CZ) 10 min Boil Leaf 7.8%
0.75 oz Sterling (US) 5 min Boil Pellet 8.5%


Name Lab/Product Attenuation
American Ale II Wyeast 1272 74.0%


Amount Name Time Use
0.8 oz Orange Zest 10.0 min Boil Boil


I used about .8 oz of fresh orange zest at the 5 minute boil (added with Sterling hops). First time using the immersion chiller, cooled it down to 80 degrees in 30 minutes. Wort was a little murky from the pellet hops. Smelled really orangey.

After the boil, level was at 4 gallons, next time might boil with 6 down to 5 gallons. Had to flash boil some water and add it to get it just under 5 gallons left. Pitched yeast at 78 degrees.

8/1: Racked to secondary. Gravity was at 1.012. Very Murkey beer, needs to settle some more. Some yeast activity evident. Leave on secondary for a week and then hopefully bottle it.


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